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a 3D model of our proposed new hospital and new car park

Our Trust Board agreed our preferred new hospital scheme in December 2021. It is consistent with our preferred Expression of Interest which was submitted to the Department of Health and Social Care in September 2021 in a bid to become one of Government’s further new hospital schemes. It was also the number one scheme chosen by NHS England for the East of England.

While we have been working to maximise safety in our current site, as well as investing in new facilities where it makes sense to do so, we have been working tirelessly to progress plans for a new hospital and ensure that we are ‘investment ready’.

A male radiologist wearing looks at x-rays on a screen

We completed our Strategic Outline Case (SOC) for a new QEH in June 2022. It has been fully supported by our Board of Directors and full spectrum of external stakeholders and partners across Norfolk and Waveney, Lincolnshire and Cambridgeshire, following extensive engagement.

The SOC sets out associated indicative costs and details of how the development of our preferred new hospital scheme would be managed with clear timescales for completion.

The SOC focuses on ensuring that QEH is best placed to continue to fulfil its role in the area while improving clinical outcomes and patient, visitor and staff experience in a hospital that is fit for many decades to come.

It sets out our preferred new hospital scheme for a single-phase new build on our existing hospital site which will cost £862m (cost estimated June 2022). This is the only solution that will bring a new hospital to King’s Lynn and West Norfolk ahead of the 2030 deadline and is the option that brings least disruption to patients and staff during the build and construction period. It also provides best value for money and return on investment.

Our preferred new hospital scheme will help to ensure that there is always a District General Hospital in King’s Lynn and West Norfolk, delivering core services to our population. The new hospital would provide a once in a generation opportunity to transform and modernise healthcare, recognising historic under-investment in health and care in this part of the region.

Consistent with our Clinical Strategy, it would enable QEH to become a centre of excellence for frailty and stroke, day surgery and regional anaesthesia, research and innovation, and same day emergency care.

We are now working to develop an outline and full business case that will allow enabling works for a new hospital to begin in 2025, with the doors to open on a new QEH in 2029.

Paving the way – our brand new multi-storey car park

An architectural drawing of our new multi-storey car park, from the air
Building our new multi-storey car park is a vital first step in delivering a new hospital.

Our plans for a new QEH

A pictorial site plan of the QEH site, showing proposed new hospital and adjoining proposed car park

A new hospital that is fit for the future for many decades to come will enable us to provide outstanding care in world-class facilities and meet the demands of our growing and ageing population.