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A female member of staff chatting to a patient at an event

Having the unanimous support of our patients, our local community, and our staff for a new QEH is invaluable to us.

Over recent months, people have been adding their support by sharing their thoughts, feelings, and views on why we need a new hospital.

A small selection of these is below:

“The hospital is the heart of our town.”
Diana, local resident

“It is imperative to the local community to have state of the art provision of care, which is only possible in a building that isn’t falling down around itself. A new facility is overdue.”
Nick, local resident

“Working conditions for hospital staff are crucial to the quality of care they’re able to provide.”
Tim, local resident

“The staff are fantastic… and deserve to work in a decent environment which helps to deliver care to patients. They should not be having to worry about the leaking and unsafe roof. A new hospital is more likely to attract additional staff that are so desperately needed. The dated buildings are depressing, and the props are concerning. The hospital does not provide one with a good feeling, which is so important for healing and morale.”
Stephanie, who gave birth to her daughter at the QEH

“QEH is a vital part of West Norfolk and beyond. People who live in this area have the right to have a hospital whose structure is safe, modern and fit for purpose. The staff, who are caring and who work very hard in extremely challenging conditions, also deserve a safe working environment so they can do their jobs … without the stress of a crumbling building.”
Sharon, QEH patient and former member of staff

“Staff at this hospital give a very good service and deserve a top-level hospital to work in, not one that has let water in for years.”
Dorothy, former QEH patient

“This hospital is an essential service within this community. The building is not fit for purpose. There is no other hospital for 40 miles. I was born there nearly 50 years ago, had life-saving surgery there 30 years ago and now my elderly mother who has lived in the area all her life is a patient. She cannot travel elsewhere – but why should she have to?”
Alison, local resident

“It’s a no brainer – none of us can go through life without the need of hospital one way or another and if this hospital is not replaced soon thousands and thousands will not have anywhere to go.”
Irene, QEH patient

“It is important because we need a functioning hospital locally in a rapidly growing area. Norwich and Cambridge are not as easily accessible especially Norwich if, as I do, you rely on public transport to get to appointments, so it is vitally important that we retain King’s Lynn as a fully functioning hospital with all possible facilities available for our local growing population.”
Lynne, QEH patient

“Since October 2014, I have been a proud member of Team QEH. It is also my local hospital, and my youngest son was born here. Staff members deserve to work in a safe environment. The current state of the building is putting everyone under stress. A larger modern hospital is vital for King’s Lynn. I request the Government to act immediately. Every day the decision is delayed creates more uncertainty for patients and staff. We are in an urgent situation, we are desperate for a new hospital.”
Tincy, Junior Sister in our Acute Medical Unit

“The staff at QEH are first class – they, as well as the patients, deserve a first-class hospital.”
Kim, local resident

Maximising safety of our current site

Timber failsafes support the ceiling in our operating theatres

Our current buildings have reached the end of their life. Steel and timber support props maximise the safety of the hospital, but they don’t extend its life beyond 2030.

Modernising the current QEH

Exterior of our new Endoscopy Unit, showing the new building in bronze coloured cladding and large windows

We have been working to invest in new facilities in our current buildings, where it makes sense to do so.

Why we need a new QEH

a 3D model of our proposed new hospital and new car park

The current QEH is a RAAC (Reinforced Autoclaved Aerated Concrete) hospital, which was built in 1980 and designed to last 30 years. 

The support from our stakeholders

Secretary of State for Health and Social care, Steve Barclay MP, greets staff at QEH

We are delighted to have received a broad range of support from our local communities, our patients, our staff, and our supporters.